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MortelleDoux - Theon App by SilentSnipa MortelleDoux - Theon App by SilentSnipa

I finished him at last ;; I'm so tired. I'ma go flop on my bed now. I didn't draw his sword here because welp, I wanted to get this done. So in future drawings, I'll add it. For now I'm off to bed |D


Theon Kenith Rovaras



Height / Weight:
6'2", 145lbs

-Sugar Snap (Sweet)
Weapon of choice:
(will design it eventually too lazy atm)
Fears / Weaknesses:
- Disappointing others/ letting people down
- Failure


Theon is a very laid back kind of guy. He's a smooth talker, and can also be quiet sneaky. Most of the time he's pretty quiet and lost in thought if the conversation around him isn't important in his mind. Though, he does talk when he finds it necessary.  Theon has a great sense of hearing, and tries to gather as much information as he can possibly get. He's very light on his feet, and a quick thinker. On the inside, he's very friendly and welcoming if you get to know him correctly. On the outside he likes to show himself as quiet, swift, and intelligent.


Theon was born in a smaller town in France. His mother had slept with many men throughout being pregnant with Theon, and Theon's father only put up with it to take her child from her in the end knowing she couldn't raise him properly. Theon spent his years growing up with his father and his younger half sister. They were 2 years apart from each other, but that didn't stop them from sharing everything they owned and being best friends. Theon was very protective of his younger sister. Guarding her from anything he felt was a danger towards her, and even sat at her bedside when ill to read her stories, entertain her, and help bring food in and out of her room. They were inseparable. When Theon turned 10, his father thought it would be best to teach him to use some sort of weapon for defense. His father let him choose his weapon of choice, and Theon chose to wield a sword due to the amount of skill level it took to fight with one. Theon's sister had gone into studying medicines and remedies while her brother was occupied with his own training. Years later, just after Theon's 17th birthday, their father had passed away due to an incurable illness. Theon was given his fathers sword, that had been passed down his family's bloodline for many generations. It was the only thing he had to remember his father, and he carries it at his side every day. His sister soon went to live with their grandmother, not too far away. But Theon made the decision to live his life alone off in the beautiful city, Sirap.

- Silence
- The outdoors
- Reading
- Loud music/ people
- Laziness
- Showing emotion in public/ in front of others

- Carries sword with him at all times
- His sister had made his cape as a gift before leaving
ShutUpChibsi Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well hello there~
Silent, why are all your characters so good looking.
My heart can't take it. //shot
SilentSnipa Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Because he's gotta look good if he wants to be one of my characters |D
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